October 16, 2006: ARMP has launched a section on the site with news regarding political marketing, political consultancy, and political strategy.

October 3, 2006, Mircea Geoana, PSD President, the “100%” talk show RealitateaTv:
“Ron Weber is a well known political consultant and has a contract with our party for a consultancy program regarding the training of our campaign managers (…) This is a program we started 6 months ago, and we are probably the most advanced party in Romania for the next elections; we have at all levels of the party, districts or constituencies, a training program for the members to be in contact with the voters (…) This is not a program for building political messages, because many times parties have contracted foreign political consultants including our previous campaign and didn’t have results; I want to be very clear that for us the party message, the getting done of our political program will be done by Romanian experts; but here we talk about an expertise of this man that we want to use, and I repeat we are the most advanced party in Romania concerning the set up for the campaign, whether is the campaign for the early elections, the European Parliament elections, the local elections or the 2009 presidential elections”.