The International Conference of Political Marketing
4th Edition, Romania

The Romanian Association for Political Marketing – ARMP and the Institute for Political Research – University of Bucharest are organizing, in April 2007, The International Conference of Political Marketing, 4th Edition. This project also includes a series of pre-events between October 2006 and March 2007.
The Conference that will be organized in Romania in 2007 is the main international event of this discipline, bringing together the most prominent personalities in the field.
The conference is a primarily academic avent, but additionally an important part of its participants will be practitioners in the field of Political Marketing. more

The Political Rating Agency

The Political Rating Agency is a project of ARMP and a private political consultancy company.
Its purpose is to acquaint the specialized market, but also the general public in Romania with a type of professional studies and solutions for evaluating the political life in Romania. more

Promotion of Political marketing concepts in Romania

The ARMP plans to organize, in partnership with media institutions, some events dedicated to promoting Political Marketing in more

The Annual Political Marketing Conferences, 2006
“Political Marketing, Government, and Corporations”

AThe ARMP is launching in the 2006 autumn the annual Political Marketing Conferences, an event dedicated to the Romanian public.
The Conference are addressed mainly to scholars of political marketing, but are very welcomed also contributions from practitioners in the more

Program for political campaign building assistance
for political parties and leaders

The ARMP wishes to become actively involved in the development of the „technical” abilities of developing campaigns and capacities of interaction with the citizens of the political parties and leaders. more

Partnership with the Institut for Political Research regarding the development of Political Marketing research projects

Under construction.

Assistance program for the socio-political researches in the Romanian university environment

Under construction.