April 18, 2007: The Romanian Political Marketing Association organizes the 4th International Political Marketing Conference, April 19 to 21. You can read the Conference Programme here!.
Thanks to the Conference sponsors: The Political Rating Agency, a political consultancy company, and Phoenicia Hotels

November 20, 2006: The Romanian Political Marketing Association has launched The Politic Rating Agency project!
The first stage of the project: Since Monday, November 20, Realitatea Tv is broadcasting every day, Monday to Friday, at 8.30 AM, a mass-media analyse realised by ARMP, and that is called “The Politics Stock Exchange”.
The analyze is a brief evaluation of political actors in the newspapers from that day, from the point of view of political marketing.
For details see soon:!

October 3, 2006, Mircea Geoana, PSD President, the “100%” talk show RealitateaTv:
“Ron Weber is a well known political consultant and has a contract with our party for a consultancy program regarding the training of our campaign managers (…) This is a program we started 6 months ago, and we are probably the most advanced party in Romania for the next elections; we have at all levels of the party, districts or constituencies, a training program for the members to be in contact with the voters (…)
For more: See the archive.

October 16, 2006: ARMP has launched a section on the site with news regarding political marketing, political consultancy, and political strategy.

  ARMP News
November 16: The period for application at the Political Marketing Conferences – 2006 has ended. Soon, ARMP will make public the exact dates of the Conferences. If you want to take part as public please contact us.

October 18, 2006: ARMP is announcing the 4th International Political Marketing Conference will take place in Romania, in April 2007. The event is organized in partnership with the Political Research Institute at the University of Bucharest. For details please visit the Projects section.