About ARMP

The Romanian Association of Political Marketing – ARMP is an initiative of Cristian Andrei - political consultant, Gabriel Sebe - Doctor of Sociology and lecturer of Political Science, and Andrei Pop - political consultant.

The goals of the ARMP:
- To promote the discipline of Political Marketing and its components in Romania. ARMP acknowledges, in this sense, the interdisciplinary character of Political Marketing, especially in what regards its connection to Political Science and Economic Marketing.
- To promote researchers, experts and professionals of Political Marketing in Romania
- To encourage the exchange of information and to support the creation of a network of experts and professionals in Political Marketing.
- To raise the impact of Political Marketing studies and activities on the political and electoral participation of citizens, on public policies and on the process of democratic consolidation in Romania.

The ARMP was created in 2006. Its President is Cristian Andrei.

ARMP is next to the Political Research Institute at the University of Bucharest the organizer of the 4th International Political Marketing Conference in 2007, the world greatest event in the field.